Personal Training

Custom work-out and meal plans tailored to fit your personal needs along with the inspiration and enthusiasm to encourage your personal growth. START NOW, CLICK HERE!

Small Group Fitness Classes

Backed by over 30 years of experience. We can help you stay motivated with our group classes, led by inspirational & energetic instructors. START NOW, CLICK HERE!

Active Adult

Our adult over 65 program is designed to help you relax from stress, increase your flexibility, and improve your strength. Through both a stretch and recovery, and active lifestyle weights classes. We can help you return to an active more productive life style. START NOW, CLICK HERE!

Since 2012

When you talk about Stronger Fitness, you talk about quality!

We are no ordinary fitness center. Our goal is to help everyone be connected physically, emotionally, and spiritually: Providing a dedicated holistic approach through exercise and proper nutrition. Because our mission is to help transform lives, our atmosphere embraces everyone who enters. Each one of us is unique, “built differently”, with different life experiences that have contributed to the shape of our bodies. Our staff will listen to you, take your history, your goals,  along with any difficulties you may have, and build your own custom personal training and group fitness plan.

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The only way to fully describe our program is to show you. Please be our guest, request a free personal training session,  along with 1 of your favorite group fitness class today! GET YOUR FREE PT SESSION & CLASS HERE